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Outline ideas.

Prioritize context.

Deliver value.

hexrel is a software development and tech consulting company specialized in building cloud native apps, APIs and SaaS products.

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Software Development Services

In a world where everyone thinks about future needs, we build for the present.

After all, your product requires a today to have a tomorrow.


API Development.

In today’s highly competitive and digitally-dependent world, APIs offer a helping hand when it comes to integrating business systems.

APIs are the bridge between teams and remove information silos that stifle business growth.

We will work with you to understand your business and develop APIs that promote collaboration and integration between your services and third-party systems.


.NET Core, Node JS, GraphQL, Apollo

Cloud Development.

Doing business should be effortless. Cloud Native Apps represent an invaluable tool for businesses looking for new ways to improve outdated manual processes, build agility and momentum, and free-up time to focus on innovative new creations.

We, at hexrel, can help your business build cost-effective solutions and trim long development roadmaps.


Microsoft Azure

SaaS Development.

SaaS applications have transformed the way we work, taking employees out of the office and allowing them to work from anywhere with an internet connection. Companies can expand their target market and scale without increasing product delivery costs.

We implement Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions that address the unique challenges of your business and help it grow.


React, Angular

Consulting Services

We believe consulting to be more than giving advice.

At hexrel we give practical guidance which ultimately creates lasting value for our partners.



Validating technical skills poses a significant burden on internal resources, is time consuming, and expensive. It’s also an ongoing process, not a ‘one and done’. Making sure the right people join your organization, is a responsibility shared across your whole business.


hexrel provides industry-experienced technical validation consultants who can lighten the load and ensure consistent assessments over technical skills and cultural fit.


Unlike a fine wine, some software applications don’t age well. What might have suited your company five years ago, now doesn’t quite fit with how you plan to do business in the future.

But how do you determine the best course of action, is it upgrade or replace?


We can assess your systems and help you navigate the options to select what’s right for your business.



You wouldn’t build a house without blueprints, so why would you implement software without a plan?

An implementation roadmap functions in the same way a blueprint for a house does, it includes everything from strategy, to the budget and a list of people working on the project.


We can help build a step by step guide on how you will achieve your goals to give your project the best chance of success.

Training Services

Build workforce capability, increase competitive advantage and create with us a learning culture within your organization.


Azure Fundamentals

New to the cloud?

Our Microsoft Azure certified trainers at hexrel will make sure that you’re getting the most out of your software solutions.

With us you'll learn about:

  • Cloud native app architecture

  • Moving data storage to the cloud

  • Leveraging serverless apps

  • Integrating Azure services


Growing Teams

Where do you start?​

Projects are ultimately delivered by teams and building one that reaches a high level of performance and productivity is never a straight line.

With us you'll learn about:

  • Balancing skills and seniority

  • Team dynamics

  • Motivating people

  • Building commitment

Why us

Business Team


At hexrel we are driven by commitment and dedicated to establishing an open and honest relationship with our clients.

Business Plan


In a fast-moving world, where requirements are fuzzy and estimates are consistently changing, we strive to bring predictability.

Shared Office


When dealing with ambiguity and changing contexts, outcomes cannot stay unchanged.

Somewhere, something will change.


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Phone: +4 0790 468 611



Bucharest, Romania

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